Mary Montanari
Spiritual Teacher
About Me

Meet Mary Montanari, Spiritual Teacher and Medium My journey and spiritual awakening has had many twists and turns. After establishing a successful career in banking in Canada and raising my beautiful children, a number of unexpected developments sparked my desire to travel to Thailand, Egypt and many other locations in a quest for spiritual understanding and insight. I share the lessons I’ve learned with my clients to help them deal with the challenges in their own lives.

I trained as a psychotherapist only to be awakened to my natural healing abilities. With my passion for knowledge, I chose to be taught by some of the world’s best teachers. I’ve studied past life regression with Dr. Brian Weiss. Past life regression allows you to acknowledge the past and empowers you to live in the present. I also learned the power of breath and living in the present while studying with Yogi Amrit Desai.

I can think of no greater honour than to have the opportunity to share my knowledge with you, and support you in your own spiritual growth and development.