Sound Therapy


1 Session – 60min


Sound therapy is a technique for connecting with the mind that is beyond language, and one that enhances feelings of relaxation and well-being. Mary develops a unique program of sound therapy for each client based on what will be most effective for that individual. Benefits of sound therapy include stress reduction, lower blood pressure, the alleviation of pain, and increased movement and strength.

Journey to the Soul

During my resent travels to the States, India and Nepal, I have had the privilege of acquiring several different types of musical bowls. When in Mount Shasta, I discovered a magical crystal bowl which is made with platinum, the sound that it resonates is powerful and clear. From Nepal, I acquired several hand hammered metal bowls, the sound is soft but at the same time the music that is produced from these bowls is amazing!

I have created a very special and scared treatment in which these bowls and others are used to construct a soundscape where many emotional issues are freed and deep healing takes place.