1 Session


Hypnosis is an extremely pleasant state of mind whereby you experience deep mental and physical relaxation. A hypnotist can help you use this state of mind to make positive changes in your life. Hypnosis is a very natural state with which we are all familiar with, in fact many of us get into a hypnotic state several times during any given day. Have you ever been so engrossed reading a book or watching a movie – that you didn’t even notice somebody else had entered the room? Remember what it feels like when you have been daydreaming, this will give you an idea of what hypnosis feels like.

Consider that these situations involve a state of concentration and focus which is so deep. Concentration and focus is, for that moment, to the exclusion of all else. Even in this very deep state of attention you always remain in control. You are able to “snap out of it” at any moment you chose – Hypnosis is exactly the same.

My Specialty

I have designed a 3 session healing program to assist people with depression, anxiety and emotional overload.  In a deep hypnotic state we are able to reprogram the subconscious mind to expand the power of peace that we all have within us.  Thereby, freeing us from the mental chains, which hold us back from enjoying our daily lives.