The new live video boom began with the extinct Meerkat . This application did not survive long because of the popularity of other services such as Periscope or Facebook Live. In fact, Facebook Live is much more convenient to use than Periscope for one simple reason: we do not need to download an additional application to our team. Apparently, Twitter finally understood that reason and therefore launched Live video broadcasts through its app, as Droid Life reports .

In the latest update of Twitter for Android and iOS, the application presented the possibility of making live video (something that was previously only possible through the Periscope application.), Users should simply touch the button to create a new tweet and touch the Live option, which appears next to the photo button.

The live video of Twitter is connected to Periscope, so both your followers of that video and Twitter app will be able to see your video, and may even send you hearts or comments.

With this move, it is likely that in the future Twitter will stop offering Periscope, since it does not make sense to keep the two services, and it is much smarter to keep betting on the live video from the main application itself.

Recently we learned that Twitter was discontinued Vine , its service of short videos, because this did not become the space that the company expected. Perhaps the company took a long time to integrate these products into its main application, as Facebook has done. For example, in the past Zuckerberg’s company tried to copy Snapchat with certain separate options of its main products, without success. Only until he launched the Instagram Stories did he get the attention of the users and the application took a new direction.