About Me


An intuitive healer based in Toronto, Mary works with clients throughout the world — by phone, in person, and even by e-mail. She calls upon a fascinating spectrum of modalities in her work. Mary has studied angel therapy with world renown teacher Doreen Virtue, and has also studied past life regression with Dr. Brian Weiss. (You may have seen either or both of these gifted teachers on “Oprah.”)

Mary’s journey of spiritual awakening has been one of many twists and turns. Having established a successful career in Canada’s banking world before putting that aside to raise her four beautiful children, a number of unexpected developments sparked Mary’s desire to travel to Thailand, Egypt, and many locations inbetween in her quest for spiritual understanding and insight. In recent years, Mary began sharing the lessons she has learned and the insight she has gained with clients seeking to make sense of various challenges in their own lives.

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