How to Block People on Mobile Phone, Whatsapp, Facebook

There are numerous situations that could make you need to cut communication with a few people. Many people stop communicating with others if the relationship using them go bad. Other people do this after encountering annoying people.
When you have done away with a few people and don’t desire to hear from them again, the first thing you can think about is stopping them on your own mobile phone and install WhatsApp on PC. Another stop might, naturally, be on social media.

How to Block People on Mobile Phone Whatsapp, Facebook


If you want to block people because you owe them, I would advise you to pay for the debt. You can not run away from your creditors. But if you are the type of chaps who’ve strings of spouses and wish to stay down, it is proposed to control connection with these other fellows merely to keep your partnership with your selected partner.
Wanting to prevent your ex-spouse who wants a gathering is another good reason to block his or her calls and messages. Others that one may have to prevent the mobile phone or social media systems include naggers, criminals and imposters. In this essay, I’ll show you just how to reduce communication on the mobile phone. I’ll also show you how to do the same on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and several other social channels. So read on.

How to Block People on Mobile Phone

There are a number of ways you can do this depending on the network service, operating system, carrier and phone.
Concerning the network service, use voice mail (VM) numbers provided by the mobile network service providers to stop calls from people you have parted ways.

Follow this path to execute the process:

  • Call settings> Call diverts or forward> Always divert or divert to> Voicemail (enter VM No.). Asking where to find the VM numbers? Well, find them from the service providers’ user manuals.
    In the case of the operating system, you can use a number of blocker or filter apps available from app stores such as Android Play, Apple and OVI. Some apps that would work effectively with Android phones are Call Filter, TrueCaller and DroidBlock.
  • For android, go to: Call-blocking app> Call settings> Call rejection> Auto reject list> Enter phone to restrict.
    For iPhone (Calls), go to: Call-blocking app> Contact to obstruct> Block This Caller> Block Contact.
  • (Messages), go to: App> Contact to obstruct> Details> Info> Block This Caller> Block Contact.
    This works better if the iPhone is Jailbroken.
  • For users of BlackBerry phones, it starts with contacting their wireless carrier.
  • For Windows: Settings> Call+SMS Filter> Accept ToS & Privacy Policy> Block Call> Navigate to app> Number to Obstruct> Block Number> OK.
  • As for carriers, see how to ignore people on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.
  • Verizon website> Login> My account> Manage Verizon Family Safeguards & Controls> Call & Message Blocking Feature> Add Now.
  • Block with your OS.
  • Sprint website> Login> Sprint account> My preferences> Limits & Permissions> Block Voice> Inbound and Outbound Calls> Add number> Save.
  • T-Mobile (2 ways):
  • Home screen> Phone> Contact> Block.
  • T-Mobile website> Sign in> T-Mobile account> Tools> Family Allowance> Access Family Allowance> Allowed Numbers> Never Allowed> Contact> OK> Save.