How To Find The best gaming monitors in 2017: Trusted Reviews

When it comes to buying a new computer system, the monitor is not always high on the priority list. However, monitor of the computer has similar significance like other hardware of the computer system. It is the thing, which you would stare all day long. Therefore, it deserves a lot of thought and considerations. People today prefer buying the best Monitors because of its better viewing angles and great color accuracy.

Owing to the fact that there are many brands that manufacture IPS displays and monitors for computer systems, it may become confusing for people to Buy best gaming monitors for their need. The IPS monitors are the great option for the photographers and for graphic designers, but even if you are not into these categories you can purchase them for home or office use for better viewing and graphics. The IPS monitors are not the great option for avid gamers as the response rate of IPS display is very low compared to TN panel monitors. So, let us find out which is the best IPS monitor that you can buy for your need.

Best Way to Choose Best Gaming


The crucial factor that you need to consider is the size of the monitor. The IPS monitors are available in a variety of sizes ranging from standard 14 inches display to 29” and 32 inches monitor. So, depending upon your requirements you need to choose the best-suited size of the monitor.

The refresh rate is another important factor that you need to consider. Although the refresh rate of IPS monitor is low compared to other models, but there are some models available that come with a refresh rate of 60Hz, that means it allows you to view 60 frames per second when you play high definition games. However, the best gaming monitors from big brand come with a refresh rate of 120Hz that offer smooth and excellent gaming experience and allow gamers to enjoy playing 3D games with ease.

Another crucial factor to consider is the swivel and stand options. Most of the IPS monitors come with different types of stand options. Some of them have flimsy stands, while some have solidly built stands. Some of the monitors can swivel from side to side, while some can only be tilt vertically. The best monitors are the one that allows you to tweak easily as per your preferences.

It is also important for you to check for the other specifications and features of the monitor and choose the best IPS monitors that come with all the features you are looking for.