Lucky Patcher Apk

These days, using most of the popular apps often comes with a catch. There are many apps which are of the freemium model. This means that the app will be free to download, but it will have in-app purchases and also feature ads while we are using the app. These are among the greatest hindrances to a continued usage of the app by many people. Also, there are apps which require us to connect to the Google Play Store while playing the game, indirectly requiring us to have to download the game from the Play Store itself. This does not bode well with many of the people who prefer to download apps from various sources on the internet.

Luckily, to overcome these problems, there is an app. Lucky Patcher Apk is an amazing Android tool that helps us get rid of ads and make changes in the app permissions, backup and restore apps,bypass premium applications license verification, and more.  

The in-app menu gives the list of apps installed on the device. Selecting any app opens up a menu of options we can choose from. The options vary from simple ones like opening app info, launching or uninstalling the app, and the like, to seemingly impossible tasks like restricting permissions, removing ads, and making in-app purchases free.

Useful functions

These are some of the very useful functions Lucky Patcher can perform on the apps on our device:

  • Restrict permissions asked by the app
  • Remove license verification with the Google Play Store
  • Remove Google ads
  • Provide custom patches for individual apps to make in-app progress easy. This includes making the in-app purchases completely free.
  • Modify the APK file of the app

Lucky Patcher is recommended for rooted devices, as the complete set of features can be used only on rooted devices. However, if you wish to use it on a non-rooted device, it can still modify an app to an extent and create an APK file with the patched app.